[LRUG] [ANN] May meeting details

Murray Steele murray.steele at lrug.org
Mon Apr 27 04:15:58 PDT 2020

Hi all,

We’ll meet again (virtually) on Monday 11th May.  Like last time, we’ll be
using zoom and will open the “doors” at 6:20, for the meeting to start at

We have 2 talks confirmed so far, and a couple of others in a pending
state.  What we have right now is:

* Peter Bell with “Comparing the speed and elegance of different computer
languages using a Hamiltonian curve algorithm as the comparator”
* Sam Joeseph with “Debugging Ruby HTTP Library Surprises”

These titles probably need a bit more explanation, so you can find that on
the website: http://lrug.org/meetings/2020/may/

Please register if you’d like to come, there are limited spaces on our zoom
account, and we’ll only send the meeting url out to registered attendees on
the day (remember to check your spam folders just in case!).

How do I register though? I hear you ask, well….

Registration is a two-step process:

1. read and agree to http://readme.lrug.org/#code-of-conduct
2. register for a ticket via https://www.eventbrite.com/e/103311926754

Then you wait until the 11th and click the link in your email when it
arrives around 6:20ish.

Before I go:

We’ve 2 other volunteers pending, so hopefully we’ll have a 3rd talk for
the meeting, but do please get in touch with us at talks at lrug.org if you’d
like to talk at LRUG.  You might end up on the list for May, but even if
you don’t we have plenty of space at our future meetings on June 8th, July
13th, August 10th, and every 2nd Monday of the month thereafter.

We had no “afterwards” at the last meeting, as we weren’t sure that a
100-person zoom call would really work well for that kind of thing.  If
anyone has any ideas for how to do a useful “afterwards” please get in
touch at organisers at lrug.org and we’ll see what we can do.


Murray & the rest of the organising team
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