[LRUG] Shipping print copies of Why's Poignant Guide this Monday as part of Alt::BrightonRuby

Andy Croll andy at goodscary.com
Wed Jun 3 06:47:08 PDT 2020

Hey there,

I've read and re-read it for typos and layout errors and am getting ready to send to the printers on Monday (8th). We'll ship anywhere for the price of the £29 Alt::BrightonRuby "ticket" as well as access to the talks (15th June) and the ability to ask questions that I'll put to the speakers on a podcast (late June/early July).

Tickets and further information at https://alt.brightonruby.com <https://alt.brightonruby.com/>

It looks like this…

https://twitter.com/brightonruby/status/1261297599593820160 <https://twitter.com/brightonruby/status/1261297599593820160>


Andy Croll
andy at goodscary.com
andycroll.com | onerubything.com | @andycroll

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