[LRUG] Presentations wanted!

James Adam james at lazyatom.com
Tue Jun 9 04:01:23 PDT 2020

Hey folks,

Hope you all enjoyed last night’s LRUG, and my humblest apologies if you didn’t get the right details for the Zoom call in time. The persons responsible (me) have been appropriately dealt with (continuing deepest embarrassment), and we will get the recordings up so you can still enjoy both of the great presentations we had.

Speaking of which…

There’s literally never been a better time for you (who, me? Yes, you) to propose a talk for LRUG. Seen anything you thought was interesting, non-obvious, or neat? Or hit any interesting bugs? We’d love to hear about them too. It doesn’t need to be groundbreaking, and short talks often work better in our new online format too. What are you working on at the moment?

And now you don’t even need to be _in_ London to present — we’ve got a lot of members on this list, many of whom are not in London and wouldn’t normally have been able to participate in meetings, but thanks to lockdown, geography is now almost easier to ignore than HTTParty’s post-install message! Almost! It would be great to hear from some of our further-flung members too.

You know the drill. We need your help. Email talks at lrug.org. Help us, LRUG members, you’re our only hope! :)

— James

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