[LRUG] September meeting videos (+ more!)

Murray Steele murray.steele at lrug.org
Thu Oct 1 15:19:49 PDT 2020

Hi folks,

The videos for the September meeting are now available for your viewing
pleasure at:  https://lrug.org/meetings/2020/september/

We've also published all the coverage links for talks we had scraped from
lanyrd and collected in [`data/coverage.json`](
https://github.com/lrug/lrug.org/blob/master/data/coverage.json).  It's not
comprehensive, but everything we have is now on the site rather than
lurking in a JSON file.

If you've ever given a talk at LRUG, and written it up somewhere or posted
the slides, we'd love it if you raised a PR to add those links to our
coverage.json file, and even better if you also add a `{::coverage ... /}`
kramdown tag to the relevant meeting file to render those links if there
isn't already one there.

If someone wanted to scrape the skills matter site starting at
https://skillsmatter.com/groups/3-london-ruby-user-group#past_events and
generate all the video links we're missing, _that_ would be double plus


Murray & the other LRUG organisatrons
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