[LRUG] [JOBS] Two Full-Stack Senior Engineers Roles at Koru Kids (remote)

James Gellately-Smith jgs at korukids.co.uk
Thu Jun 9 02:48:19 PDT 2022

Hello LRUG'ers

We're on the lookout for 2 senior engineers to join Koru Kids and, as the
stack is predominantly Ruby on Rails it makes perfect sense to post to you
lovely people.

We’re a growing young company that provides childcare services to families.
You would be joining the product engineering team which is 19 growing to 21
people. To get a good idea on our values - please check out

We’ve got spaces in two of our four small product engineering teams;

Essentials - building software that make the service work - think billing,
pay-out, timesheets, account management , and

Marketplace Health - the way we deliver childcare services to families is
through a marketplace - this team is responsible for managing that
marketplace - think balancing supply & demand, acquiring families and
childcarers, running experiments, introducing new services.

These opportunities will suit those who:

* care a great deal about what it is they are building

* understand the value of quality

* get why the XP stuff is important (XP is shorthand for TDD, CI/CD,
pairing, outcomes over features)

For the right people we are offering:

* salary range (for these senior roles) is 60k - 80k

* flexible work arrangements that suit you (part-time, work from home)

* share options in an Atomico backed start-up

* clear career path and transparent salary structure (next role up is
Senior II - 80k-100k)

* 50% off Koru Kids childcare for those based in London (for now)

* an influential say in what you do and the way you work

If this is you - then you can find out more about what we are building and
apply at korukids.co.uk/careers

If you *think* this might be you - or want to have a chat with a human
being (well CTO) - then email me at jgs_at_korukids.co.uk - and we'll set
it up.

Thank you for your attention!


Koru Kids
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