[LRUG] Old Programming Books

Graham Ashton graham at effectif.com
Thu Dec 28 09:23:54 PST 2006

On Wednesday 27 December, Harjeet Taggar wrote:

> I just had a v quick question - what do you all do with old  
> programming books that you don't need anymore?  Do you sell them on  
> ebay/other sites or just keep hold of them?

I've just started listing some as cheaply as I can on Amazon in the
hope that I'll get some interest (though I'm not optimistic).

I need to recover some shelf space.

I once tried selling them on eBay but, in the most part, made a loss
on the average O'Reilly book (I slightly underestimated postage costs
across the board). Even on those that sold for a good price, it wasn't
worth the hassle of taking them to the post office, writing out all
the labels, choosing suitably sized jiffy bags, then queueing up at
the post office counter with a big pile of books and my switch card.

> 2) I co-run an online marketplace for students and thought there  
> might be some potential overlap by letting you guys post any old  
> books you had for sale so they could be snapped up by eager young  
> university student minds :)

I'd definitely be quite keen to try and offload some stuff on you, if
you go ahead with it, especially if I could avoid the jiffy bag and
labelling session...


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