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On 21 Feb 2006, at 08:47, benjohn at fysh.org wrote:
> Vaguely on that subject, it seemed to me that using web 2 ideas, it
> ought to be possible to build a web based debugger for Ruby.
> I was imagining being able to include a single module in to my Ruby
> program that would fire up a web brick, and let me connect to the
> running program, start looking at it's objects in a "nice" way, and
> interact with it (call methods, see their results, etc).
> Why use a web browser, rather than have it text based? I think you can
> present and interact with complex information more readily with the
> rich
> controls of a browser. Why not use a GUI toolkit? Because browsers are
> amazingly ubiquitous, and because you get remote debugging for free.
> Has anyone come across such a beast? Does anyone think it would be
> useful? Any thoughts on easy or hard? :) It doesn't _sound_ too hard.

Not exactly, but I often use custom servers written with WEBrick to
interact with and inspect my programs. At present nothing fancy as I
have to home-brew my servlets from scratch, but I can see that with a
really clean and easily used compositing library it would be possible
to do just this in a very Ruby-esque manner.

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