[LRUG] Ruby web basd debugger (was: lrug.org)

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Thu Feb 23 01:58:13 PST 2006

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Subject: Re: [LRUG] Ruby web basd debugger (was: lrug.org)
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On 22 Feb 2006, at 19:38, Eleanor wrote:

Not exactly, but I often use custom servers written with WEBrick to
interact with and inspect my programs. At present nothing fancy as I
have to home-brew my servlets from scratch, but I can see that with a
really clean and easily used compositing library it would be possible
to do just this in a very Ruby-esque manner.
*nods* hmmm :)

I've heard the term "compositing" used in a couple of articles, but
I've not come across it in this context before. Does it mean combining
(and transforming) various information sources in to an html page? Or
something completely different?

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