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On 8 Feb 2006, at 13:58, Jon Wood wrote:

> Hello,
> I've recently started a job in Guildford, which is within travelling
> distance of London, and was wondering when (and where) the next
> meeting
> is.

I would also love to come along to a meeting. After a particularly
successful day of coding in Ruby last week, and noticing that I was
really enjoying my work for the first time in months (the first time
since my previous Ruby project, in fact), so decided I should seek
out like minded people to drink and share thoughts with.

I'm generally free on work nights. Fridays and weekends are variable.

[Sorry for my confused eMail last week about the extreme Tuesday
club. I bumped in to them looking for Ruby people to meet with.
Definitely, XP is not the only subject they cover - in fact, I don't
think it was discussed at all last week. And interesting, pragmatic
crowd, if any of you had considered meeting up with them.]

Hope to see you all soon,

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