[LRUG] Presentations for July meeting

Robert McKinnon rob_m_mckinnon at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 22 06:14:20 PDT 2006

Hi all,

Our next presentation-based meeting is on Monday, July 10 (sticking to
second Monday in the month). We don't yet have an agenda for it.

Based on discussion at the last meeting we'll aim to have 2-3 shorter
presentations. Suggested topics (that we're not restricted) to include:
Domain Specific Languages - or better yet a DSL example, RubyQuiz
examples, Microformats with Ruby, ActiveRecord e.g.
http://www.notsostupid.com/files/2006/finding_rails.pdf .

Does anybody want to volunteer to present on something? You don't need
to be an expert, and it doesn't need to be a long talk. Quirky,
pointless, fun stuff is welcome along with more serious topics.


PS: I'll be abroad for the next week and a half so maybe James or Tiest
can email Wendy if we get an agenda organized.

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