[LRUG] The Ruby Learning Curve

Anthony Green email at acgreen.co.uk
Thu May 18 11:44:14 PDT 2006

For those thinking about giving a presentation, as a Nuby I'd find it useful
to have a suggested reading list as a background to the talk.

I've been reading about Mocks since Ben's presentation and think it would be
nice to have the theory and then see how its been put into practice.


On 18/5/06 10:08 am, "Jon Lim" <snowblink at gmail.com> wrote:

> IIRC a large proportion of the last group were new to Ruby. User
> groups are there to help spread knowledge. I think the occasional
> intro to Ruby or explanation of a particular aspect of would be a good
> thing.
> Maybe the newbie group could assemble half an hour earlier than the
> main meeting? Those who don't think there is anything for them in the
> earlier part can just come along later. I always think it's
> interesting to see how people teach familiar topics.
> Regards,
> Jon

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