[LRUG] [Fwd: WebDD - Saturday 3rd February 2007 - A free conference for you]

Jonathan Leighton turnip at turnipspatch.com
Fri Jan 5 08:21:58 PST 2007

This doesn't look very interesting, but they are talking a little about
Ruby (well, Rails actually) so maybe somebody wants to go. It's in my
glorious (ahem) home town of Reading!

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> Subject: WebDD - Saturday 3rd February 2007 - A free conference for
> you
> Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2007 15:45:49 -0000 (GMT)
> Standards. Design. Future. Three topics that are on everyone's wish list,
> but that often get left by the wayside as time rolls by. If you're
> interested in all three, then WebDD is for you.
> WebDD is a new conference covering both design and development, with a
> focus on design standards, best practices, and emerging and future
> technologies. There will be a variety of talks covering topics such as
> Accessibility, CSS, Standards, ASP.NET, and Ruby, with the aim of bringing
> developers and designers together to share ideas.
> If these sound like the sort of topics you want to learn about then sign
> up. The best part - it's free and on a Saturday, so you don't even need to
> take a day off from work.
> http://www.webdd.co.uk/
> Registration is now open, but we wanted to let the design community know
> first: -
> http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=1032323795&Culture=en-GB
> Please feel free to pass these details on to whomever you think may be
> interested in this event.
> We hope to see you there.
> Thanks,
> WebDD Team.
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