[LRUG] [Fwd: WebDD - Saturday 3rd February 2007 - A free conference for you]

Dan Webb dan at danwebb.net
Fri Jan 5 09:53:24 PST 2007

On 1/5/07, Jonathan Leighton <turnip at turnipspatch.com> wrote:
> This doesn't look very interesting, but they are talking a little about
> Ruby (well, Rails actually) so maybe somebody wants to go. It's in my
> glorious (ahem) home town of Reading!

Hey! Dave has nicked my presentation.  Well, the title at least.  I'll have
to send the boys around to have a word :)

Looks kind of reasonable though.  Patrick Lauke and Bruce Lawson are full of
good knowledge.  I wander if they make you sit through the .NET
presentations or whether you can sneak out to the pub.

Dan Webb

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