[LRUG] Who's interested in talking about REST at a meeting?

Jonathan Leighton turnip at turnipspatch.com
Tue Mar 13 09:56:27 PDT 2007

Hey everyone,

(Note: when I refer to REST in this message I'm really saying "REST
within Rails".)

I talked to Tom and Murray about this at the pub last night and they
asked me to post a message to the list, so here goes.

You may remember I posted a couple of questions to the list a few weeks
back regarding REST. This sparked off a great long thread where some
great questions were asked and some great answers were given. I think
the general thing we can take from that is:

a) People are very interested in REST
b) People have a lot of questions about it!

I am proposing we have a REST "discussion" at a forthcoming meeting. My
idea is having a "panel" of people who have used REST and have opinions
on it. We could then get people to bring along questions and/or their
own opinions and generally talk about it.


1. Who is interested in this happening at a meeting?
2. Who thinks they have the REST expertise to make up the "panel"? (Of
course you can contribute wisdom without being on the panel)
3. By all means bring questions on the night, but it might be good to
start throwing around questions on the list beforehand, to get people
thinking about the answers. What are the main areas of bafflement with
REST? (The aforementioned thread probably brings some topic starters up
4. Who hasn't used REST and doesn't have a clue what it is? (Be honest,
we'll still like you!) Will we need to provide a quick overview of REST
+Rails before we start the discussion?
5. Does anyone want to volunteer to be a scribe for this? I imagine if
we wrote down questions/answers a put them on the LRUG website it would
probably provoke a fair amount of interest in the wider Rails



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