[LRUG] cpu load with autotest

Marcus Roberts marcus at marcusr.org.uk
Fri Nov 30 02:55:53 PST 2007

> Hi there,
> I've finally started using autotest which I find to be a great way of
> working.
> I notice that it consumes between 15 and 30% of my CPU at any given
> time which is slowing my machine down significantly as I usually have
> other demanding apps such as Photoshop and VMWare Fusion running also.

I find that performance wise it doesn't hurt too much, but on a first
generation MacBook it's enough to start the fan running permanently, which
is annoying enough that I don't use it at the moment, much as I would like

I guess it's busy-polling the files which is what takes the CPU - it
should be possible to use some OS specific calls to get notified on file
change on the Mac, which would reduce usage.  That could be an interesting

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