[LRUG] LRUGers Scotland On Rails Discount

Abdel A Saleh abdel.a.saleh at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 11:44:49 PST 2008

Hi Guys,

Great news.

I just got word that LRUGers are eligible for a £25.00 discount for the
Scotland On Rails conference. The discount is for any registrations before
the 5th of March. The coupon code is: LRUG383

The conference is taking place in Edinburgh from the 3rd - 5th of April with
a cool line up of speakers including David A Black, Koz and Jim Weirich.

Speakers, http://www.scotlandonrails.com/speakers
Talks, http://www.scotlandonrails.com/talks
Registrations, http://www.scotlandonrails.com/register

I'll be available at the next LRUG for any conference queries.


Abdel A Saleh
http://www.scotlandonrails.com/ <http://www.aorbor.com/>
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