[LRUG] March 2010 Meeting

Murray Steele murray.steele at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 01:20:08 PST 2009

2009/12/8 Anthony Green <email at acgreen.co.uk>:
> Talking of future meetings, Corey Haines has told me he should be in London
> for Qcon which runs March 8-12th.

The March meeting would be scheduled for the 10th, so that would be a
good fit.  Although that would also be slap in the middle of QCon and
maybe Corey would rather do something more relaxing during his
evenings.  Still, put him in touch with me and we can sort something
out I'm sure.

> I was wondering if that was a good opportunity to get him in to do a night
> on Software Craftsmanship, maybe with some local help (looking at Chris
> Parsons now :) )

The manifesto for software craftmansship
(http://manifesto.softwarecraftmansship.org/) seems a tad light on
detail.  Is it more than giving a name to "being good at your job?".
Don't get me wrong, giving things names gives them power, but it's
hard to tell from the manifesto if it's more than that.

> If Corey can't make it there's some other conference names that would be
> good.

We should extend the LRUG welcome to them all, for sure, but we should
let them know that they can just come along without feeling obliged to
sing for their supper.

> Thoughts ?

Thanks for the idea and contacts, at this rate we can have 2010 all
sown up before 2009 ends ;)


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