[LRUG] March 2010 Meeting

Anthony Green Anthony.Green at bbc.co.uk
Tue Dec 8 02:07:33 PST 2009

> The manifesto for software craftmansship
> (http://manifesto.softwarecraftmansship.org/) seems a tad light on
> detail.  Is it more than giving a name to "being good at your job?".
> Don't get me wrong, giving things names gives them power, but it's
> hard to tell from the manifesto if it's more than that.

It's a pertinent question, here's my take:

 I see it as an attempt to revive ideas from pervious eras and give them a

A lot of this stuff is prior art: Mythical Man Month, Clean Code, XP etc
while a number of high profile people are talking about dropping the term
Agile because it has been emptied of meaning.

The thorn in my work side is the propensity for 'delivering to deadlines'
over quality code. The build up of technical debt has fatally poisoned some
high profile projects I've worked on, and I don't swallow the argument that
trapped in these situations and rather than confront clients/management
projects should be left to die as a way of ridding yourself of them.

Anthony Green
Client Side Developer

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