[LRUG] Netbooks and Rails development

Simon Starr simon at starr.cx
Wed Mar 4 04:02:18 PST 2009


I was doing some netbook research recently when I came across this  
article at Gizmodo about sticking OS X on a Dell Mini 9:

This prompted me to order one on Monday but now they've knocked £50  
off the price in a 48 hour sale so I've ordered a cheaper one today  
and I'll be sending the first one back! (It seems they can't cancel  
online orders but are happy to accept returns)

Installing OS X apparently works very well (even sleep/hibernation is  
supported) and being able to install TextMate will make this the  
perfect development machine for when I'm away from home. It's a bit OT  
for this list but if anyone's interested in how well this turns out,  
feel free to contact me directly and I'll let you know.

Simon Starr
simon at starr.cx

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