[LRUG] Pixfizz looking for developer

Daniel Cremer daniel at pixfizz.com
Fri Mar 13 05:45:22 PDT 2009

Hey All,

Despite the economic doom and gloom, our company Pixfizz is growing and is
looking for someone to hire to help us. We develop an innovative,
customizable, web to print system, for print service providers. It's fun
varied work that touches on:
   - Online WYSIWYG interfaces
   - Hosting multiple websites
   - Developing a CMS and API platform
   - Hosting images
   - Producing PDFs and printed products
   - Scaling

We'd like to hire someone as a freelancer as soon as they're available. If
you enjoy the work and want to continue we could then employ you full time.
In terms of skill sets we need someone who knows the standard webapp: ruby,
rails and HTML/CSS. You should also have some experience administering Linux
and MySQL. Knowledge of Flash, Flex and Openlaszlo are definite bonuses.

We're still very much a startup and need someone who is prepared to dive in
to help out. Wether it's to help setup new servers, answer a complex support
query or research flash version penetration stats in different countries.
That's what I find makes it so much fun.

Our office is by LRUG & Skills Matter on Clerkenwell Green so it will be
easy for you to attend LRUG!
If you're interested, please send a reply straight to me with your
background, and when you're available. Just remember not to send it to the
whole list. :)

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