[LRUG] Freelancing, Licensing and ownership of code

Anthony Green email at acgreen.co.uk
Wed Mar 18 10:47:26 PDT 2009

Not to answer your question at all but I heard a rumour that Hashrocket
include a clause it their contracts whereby they can open source any general
purpose plugins they write as part of the wider client project.

They get the cudos as the originators of the code plus patches /
improvements by other parties can be put back into the client application.


On 17/03/2009 13:27, "Rob Lacey" <contact at robl.me> wrote:

> On yet another hand my plugin that I spent months
> building in my own free time, if I then use it in a client's project I
> wouldn't like that to become freely available to them and then used by
> subsequent developers without my permission.
> Tis a tangled web, what's the answer? Who owns what, when, where, how?
> Tizer :)

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