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Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Mon Sep 14 04:10:09 PDT 2009

On 11 Sep 2009, at 08:17, Alex Scordellis wrote:

>> One extreme approach would be to ban the peanut gallery from saying
>> anything to the pair unless it is solicited. If the pair is stumped
>> they could indicate that they want some help and people could chime  
>> in
>> (stick a hand up, whatever). I think an interesting side effect of
>> this would be that more people are motivated to get up and have a go;
>> the way to get your opinion heard would be to jump in line for the
>> next rotation. Any potential problems with this?
> I've seen a similar format work exceptionally well in a discussion
> forum situation:
> * there are 4 chairs at the front of the room
> * 3 are occupied
> * the 3 people at the front are allowed to talk
> * if you're in the gallery, you're allowed to ask questions to the  
> panel
> * if you're in the gallery and want to answer a question, or
> contribute anything more than a question, you have to go and sit in
> the empty chair
> * when someone sits in the empty chair, one of the 3 other panel
> members has to return to the gallery
> I'm not sure how well this would work for a programming problem, where
> continuity is perhaps a bit more important. Perhaps if you have
> something to contribute, you go up and sit in a third chair next to
> the pair, and they bring you in at the next break in their flow. Which
> is kind of what Brent suggested I guess.

They call this 'goldfish bowl' for when used for discussions. I really  
like the idea of the empty chair for the dojo - thanks for the  


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