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Anthony Green Anthony.Green at bbc.co.uk
Thu Nov 18 00:50:42 PST 2010

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From: Matt Haynes
Subject: [Ruby] Ruby developer

Hi there,

We are currently looking to hire a fairly competent developer with good
experience in ruby, javascript and linux / unix. We have some cash for
around three months and think this would suit a contractor or maybe a full
timer looking for an attachment.

A bit about our project ...

We are a small team in BBC Vision and are building an advanced video search
interface in collaboration with BBC R&D. Our app lets user "find, snip and
share" content from the BBC archive. We think it's pretty exciting and are
hoping to roll it out to an internal audience next year.

A bit about the tech ...

* Ubuntu server with root :)
* Datamapper + MySQL
* Bundler, Capistrano
* Web services
* Image manipulation with RubyGD
* Sinatra base apps
* Rack middleware, some custom, Rack::Cache
* Apache with a very clever auth module
* Lost of cucumber, rspec and even some JS tests
* Nifty javascript front end (sort of MVC, js templates, jammit)
* Lots of flash / flex with some nice JS integration
* CSS3

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If anyone is interested forward us the address of your blog / github account

Anthony Green
BBC Ruby Group

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