[LRUG] Weather forecast for the February meeting: Lightning

Murray Steele murray.steele at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 02:21:30 PST 2011

The February meeting will be on Monday 7th February.

The calendar-obsessed will notice this is not the 2nd Monday, but if you
work out the date for the 2nd Monday you'll see why we've moved it.  Normal
service will resume in March (on the 14th (of March (2011 (as defined by the
Gregorian calendar)))).

As is now traditional, the February meeting will be our lightning talk
evening.  For those who haven't been before, or don't remember, we use the
20x20 format for the talks.  The 20x20 format is:

* You get 20 slides.
* They must automatically transition after 20 seconds.
* This gives you 6:40 to get your point across.

We need at least 6 speakers to make the meeting feel like it's not too
short, but we have time for up to 9 (maybe 10) if we minimize faffing on the
night by doing all the talks off one laptop.

In the pub last night I harangued a bunch of people to do one of these
lightning talks and Roland Swingler said on this very list that he'd do one
if we told him what we wanted him to talk about.  I reckon there are about 5
or 6 "volunteers" already, but we still need more, not least because most of
the folk I talked to in the pub will probably blame their enthusiasm on
booze or admit that they only agreed to shut me up.

Please volunteer!

If you've not given a talk before the lightning talks are a great way to dip
your toe in.  I did it last year and I really enjoyed it; the unforgiving
nature of the presentation format actually helped focus me in writing the
talk and made me rehearse it to make sure I didn't try to fit too much into
each slide.  I heartily recommend it.


ps. Also suggest something for Roland to talk about.
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