[LRUG] Ruby music job

Matthew Willson matthew at playlouder.com
Tue Jan 18 05:11:58 PST 2011

Dear all,

Hope this is alright -- although it's not an exclusively ruby role:

We're looking for a new developer at MSP (based around the brick lane / silicon roundabout area). We develop music services for ISPs -- including web-based streaming, downloads, social recommendations, personal music library and all that jazz -- and just launched our first service in Ireland.

We're doing some interesting things with Ruby as we grow our back-end platform and APIs, which deal with a lot of music metadata, usage data etc. So lots of challenges there, and also in the development of our front-end UI, which is a browser-based app written in javascript with the Dojo framework.

Do get in touch for a chat if any of the above interests!

The full ad is up here: http://www.mediaserviceprovider.com/#Jobs


Matthew Willson
Media Service Provider Ltd

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