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Tom tom at groupay.co.uk
Mon May 9 14:45:19 PDT 2011

Thanks to Andrew & Murray for a great Ruby Golf evening - I really enjoyed
it and learned a lot.

After asking Murray if it would be ok, I'd like to do a bit of shameless
self-promotion for my start-up, GrouPAY.co.uk

We were just accepted onto Y Combinator, and raised the associated angel
round of investment from Yuri Milner and Ron Conway. We're looking to hire
employee number 1 to fly out to San Francisco with us for 3 months, and then
join us back in London in September full-time with good salary + stock
options. It's an awesome project that I'm really excited about - please see
below or contact me for more details!

Or if you've got a friend who'd be perfect, please put us in touch!


A early-stage London start-up with investment from Y Combinator and top
Silicon Valley venture funds is looking for a Rails developer to join the
team for an expenses-paid 3 months in San Francisco, with potential to join
full-time as employee #1 (inc salary + stock) back in London from September.
We're doing some really exciting things in the P2P payments space, and have
a deal in place with a major UK bank to do stuff that's not been tried

- Well-rounded programming experience essential (and Rails experience
preferred) - you'll be exposed to the entire code-base alongside 2 other
developers. Work will include everything from database optimisation &
caching to improve performance, security (SSL, encryption, tokenization
etc), to building out entirely new features in Rails.

- We're interacting with legacy banking systems, so experience working with
old/complex APIs (think PayPal Adaptive), and building better ones yourself,
is a huge plus

- Any ability in front-end design (CSS, jQuery and UI design) is great, but
not essential.

This position is initially for the summer, but we're ideally looking for
someone who's interested in joining long-term

For more info and to apply, email tomblomfield at gmail.com. Please link to
your github account, or show us a project you're proud of.

Tom Blomfield
07767 484619

GrouPAY - taking the pain out of managing and collecting money
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