[LRUG] Senior RoR Developer in London

Marcus White mwhite at synergy-rs.com
Tue Sep 13 07:07:40 PDT 2011

Hi to James, Tom and other members,


My apologies if I've duplicated the posting, as I have successfully placed
one Senior Developer and they now require another - Unfortunately the
Recruiter Speal still stands along with their requirements for a Developer
with an expert knowledge of OO design, Design Patterns, and Refactoring
along with the usual Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Linux, Apache, Passenger, SQL,
MySQL, XML, JSON, HAML, CSS, javascript, AJAX, Git, Memcached and related
Ruby/Web technologies - As they are a strong and exciting start-up company
to work for and are growing by 100% every quarter to contain their growth
and future plans, so unfortunately "Exciting" times for an "Exciting" and
"Forward-thinking" Company.


I will take on your comments though and thank you for your comments




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