[LRUG] DCI with Rails and how to not think

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Sun Apr 1 14:22:25 PDT 2012


I suppose I should have been more accurate in my phrasing of that.
I wanted to kind of convey a sense of the type of development cycle I've
been used to, without going into great detail.

I guess this is the point you take issue with.

"There's a few mentions of simple use-cases but that I've seen but not a
great deal Rails specific, so we were conceptually struggling to break out
of the BDD feature/routes/view/Rspec controller spec/model spec/wherever
next kind of cycle of the so called 'London School of Testing' of growing
object oriented software."

I'm not actually citing the book there and I wanted to convey the idea to
those that might be familiar with it of
literally "growing object oriented software". That would hint to those that
have read it of some of the ideas like using mocks in your tests.
I shouldn't have implied the "of the so called" part, and what I wanted to
convey was more of a continuation.
Something along the lines of "/model spec/ and following some of the ideas
of growing object oriented software, then wherever next"

Please take it to mean "approaching DCI seemed confusing at first, because
of needing to break out of the <x,y,z kind of stuff that lots of people are
used to when doing BDD with rails> mentality".

I'll post some amendments later.

On 1 April 2012 21:13, Anthony Green <anthony.green at bbc.co.uk> wrote:

> Mark Burns wrote:
>> Anyway, would appreciate any thoughts
> Well you misrepresent GOOS. Probably best to read the book if you're going
> to cite it.
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