[LRUG] DCI with Rails and how to not think

Anthony Green anthony.green at bbc.co.uk
Sun Apr 1 20:49:18 PDT 2012

Mark Burns wrote:
> I'm not actually citing the book there and I wanted to convey the idea
> to those that might be familiar with it of
> literally "growing object oriented software". That would hint to those
> that have read it of some of the ideas like using mocks in your tests.
> I shouldn't have implied the "of the so called" part, and what I wanted
> to convey was more of a continuation.
> Something along the lines of "/model spec/ and following some of the
> ideas of growing object oriented software, then wherever next"

Again that's the lesser idea in GOOS.
The central premise of the book is that the messages sent between 
objects are first class citizens of your system, and by identifying the 
protocols by which object communicate with each other and designing 
those test-first you can grow your software guided by tests.

"...I'm sorry that I long ago coined the term "objects" for this topic 
because it gets many people to focus on the lesser idea.

The big idea is "messaging"...

- Alan Kay


With that in mind visualising your system as an interconnected set of 
Ports and Adaptors http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?PortsAndAdaptersArchitecture 
helps you devise tests.



Anthony Green
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