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David Rouchy drouchy at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 00:15:08 PDT 2012

Hi Lee,

I did not get a chance yesterday to speak to you at LRUG, but I'm seeking a
new position, and your offer looks very interesting.

Here is my LinkedIn profile: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/drouchy

Let me know if you need more information.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 3:34 PM, Lee Henson <lee at musicglue.com> wrote:

> Music Glue has several openings for enthusiastic and thoughtful developers
> at a range of experience and a range of skills. I'm posting this ad to LRUG
> first because ideally the people we recruit will have some good Ruby
> knowledge, although we would also like someone who is confident and happy
> working with PHP (so pass it on if you do). I can't really slap a specific
> title like "Web Developer" on the role, we're looking for people who are
> happy wearing the front-end, back-end or devops hat as the situation
> requires.
> Before going any further, let me tell you about the company. Music Glue is
> a direct to fan digital services company, based in Camden Town in London.
> In plain English, we create online tools to allow our clients to sell
> products directly to consumers, bypassing traditional supply chains. The
> products they sell fall with 3 categories being "tickets", "physical items"
> and "digital content". Our client base consists of artists (mostly
> musicians, but now some comedians and authors too), venues, concert
> promoters, record labels, festivals, and we plan to expand the list of
> verticals over the next few years. These clients range in size from "small
> independents" all the way up to global companies.
> Much like others advertising on here, I'm looking for people with the
> right kind of mentality - people who are interested in continually learning
> and pushing the quality and design of their systems forward. There are a
> lot of very smart people out there coding and blogging about this sort of
> subject, like Avdi Grimm, Gregory Brown and Steve Klabnik, and I hope I can
> sign up developers who are already listening to people like these and
> thinking about the subjects they discuss. Our existing team is also
> invested in the idea of event sourcing and use of separate models which are
> optimized for different use cases (e.g. reading and writing - 'cqrs' might
> trigger your buzzword alarm but it is very relevant). If you haven't come
> across these concepts before, check out bloggers like Udi Dahan and Greg
> Young. If they strike a cord with you, come and speak to us.
> Culturally, I hope we're a bit like other forward-thinking employers out
> there. We like TDD, we try our best to be agile, we contribute to open
> source when we can. I'm sure every new employee will help us improve our
> processes, and I welcome their ideas and advice.
> Finally, I guess it's always handy to see exactly the sorts of
> technologies being used to help candidates get a better feel for the role,
> so here we go:
> - Rubies: YARV 1.9.3, JRuby 1.6.7
> - Server-side: Rails 3, Sinatra, MongoDB, Mongoid, RabbitMQ, RSpec,
> Varnish, Nginx, WordPress + many more
> - Client-side: Coffeescript, jQuery, Jasmine
> - Deployment: Capistrano, Chef, Rackspace Cloud
> - iOS / Android: not yet, but planned
> Salary will vary with experience, but it will be very competitive for
> London. We really only want to hear from people who can make it into Camden
> every day, and we are happy to look into sponsorship if any overseas
> visitors who are already here wish to prolong their stay in the UK.
> Unsolicited calls from recruiters will be swiftly rebuffed.
> If you are interested, please contact me via my email below. A CV would be
> great, but I'm particularly interested in hearing about what you've been
> working on in the last few years. I'm sure you've got a GitHub account, so
> point me at that too.
> And finally, yes, I know our www.musicglue.com site is abominable. It's
> not quite as bad as Ling's Cars, but I do still worry that it will put
> people off. It'll be gone soon, but let me just state on the record that
> new employees will not be working on that! If you want a better
> representation of some of the things we do, you might check out:
> http://www.musicglue.net/imogenheap
> http://www.entershikari.com/store/
>  ....however that's all WordPress-based. The projects you would be working
> on are not publicly visible at the moment, but I look forward to showing
> you when you come in for a chat. Thanks for listening! :D
> Lee Henson
> Music Glue CTO
> lee at musicglue.com
> https://github.com/leemhenson
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