[LRUG] [JOBS] Looking for contract developer

Luke Saunders luke at sketchconsulting.com
Thu Apr 26 02:32:55 PDT 2012

Hi guys,

Recently I transitioned from being an individual developer into a company
with a couple of clients and and a couple of developers. That all went well
and now I am on the lookout for another contract developer.

I'm looking for someone who is quite quick and also able to follow design
patterns to structure code cleanly. Ideally we would have a similar method
for structuring apps or you're open minded about better approaches (as am
I). For Rails I tend to employ presenters/decorators between the views and
controllers and a service layer between the controller and models to
prevent bloating and to keep logic nicely encapsulated. Also I'm increasing
becoming a REST pedant, where only the main seven actions are allowed and
making new resource types where things don't fit.

I'm pretty flexible about where and when you work. We have no office so
working from home / under a tree is fine. I don't have a set day rate in
mind, so please just tell me what you're after and I'll perform some
complex quality / cost calculation in my head. If you have no availability
now but fit the bill then feel free to send an email anyway as I'd be happy
to make the contact.

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