[LRUG] Building a product - all the non-development stuff

James Adam james at lazyatom.com
Tue Dec 11 05:01:51 PST 2012

Hello LRUG types,

Like many of you I'm sure, in between doing client work we've been working on our own product called Harmonia (https://harmonia.io). One of our goals in doing this was to get better at all of the non-development aspects of building a product - finding new users, communicating with them, learning from how they use the app and so on. It's definitely been an interesting and challenging experience, exploring outside the comfortable world of stories and TDD.

I'm sure some of you have already done all this, probably several times, but we were wondering if you had any tips or advice you could share? What has worked well for you? Did you try anything that turned out to be a waste of time?

I'd really love to hear your thoughts and experiences.


- James

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