[LRUG] Visiting London

Ben Feigin bbfeigin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 29 11:24:27 PST 2012

Hello London Rubyist, (apologies for the spam if you get this message twice)

Talented developer leaves team-lead position in Chicago financial sector and decides to move to London.
Looks to discover the London tech community, trade war stories, drink beer. 
	Optional: Acquire 660k GBP offer (not quite as punchy sounding as "million dollar job")
Particularly interested in hearing from any ex-pats that have made the move from the states.

About Me:
	My name's Ben, I'm 25, a developer, and for the past  3 years I've worked in the Chicago Financial sector for an amazing tech group.   I started as a junior dev and by the time I quit(last friday) I was a development manager, leading a team of 6 devs.  My team was responsible for our companies green field(often brown) projects.  My responsibilities generally involved working with internal business development groups, and a slew of  international 3rd party partners and banks.  Our latest project, our first product in Mexico, took just under 4 months as we designed specs for, built, and launched(on time!) our companies first non-english product. 

Why should you care?
	Well you might have guessed by now I'm thinking about jumping the pond and calling London home for a while.  If anyone on this list knows an exciting company that just happens to be looking for an awesome Sr. Dev that can seriously /G(T|S)D/ and is able to hire Yanks, let's talk.  

	But for the moment I'm "on vacation" so I'm happy to just reach out and discover what's going on in the London tech scene.  I also have the alternative goal of enjoying London pubs, I figure why not combine the efforts?
	So if anyone has an afternoon free and thinks grabbing a drink and swapping some dev (horror)stories sounds like fun, that would be awesome.  It would also be particularly interesting to hear from any expats subscribed to this list, this is my first time moving to another country so any tips and ideas you might have would be great. 

Hope I hear from some of you soon, I'll be in town with until Sunday and then I'm off to explore the continent for a few weeks. 


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