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Satish N Kota satishkota at heurionconsulting.com
Tue Mar 20 06:46:05 PDT 2012

Hi All,


We just launched a site called www.testifor.com <http://www.testifor.com/>
(Testimonials For) which is a one stop place to Give, Get and Find
Testimonials for absolutely anything. We are currently in BETA and would
like inputs from people

What we have conceived is like, if you are a company / individual, you can
request for testimonials and increase your social presence, And you as an
individual can give testimonials to movies, products, events, groups, etc..
You can create events, products, services, systems, groups, etc., and you
can request testimonials for each of them. For example you can create a
event profile for IndiaRubyConf and once the conference is over, visitors,
can give testimonials to Ruby Conf.


What more, we have implemented Video testimonials (You need to have webcam
to record online testimonials.we don't allow video uploads..) and if you
have a fair list of people who have given testimonials to your business /
events, etc.,, you can create a script and publish them on your websites and
we will stream the video testimonials to your sites. You can also grow your
business via your own testimonials as we give options to give references or
even better set reminders to give references in the future.


If the system helps someone, we are happy to have built it. and its all
free. please visit http://www.testifor.com <http://www.testifor.com/> .


Please take a look at the system, and give us your valuable feedback. The
feedback button is on the right side.. Please feel free to be our BETA


P.S: Since this is a BETA site, we are changing always....


Thanks and Regards

Satish Kota

Director, Heurion Consulting

Mobile: +91 98862 03255

Email: satishkota at heurion.com  

IM: kotasatish (Skype), heurionconsulting (GTalk / Yahoo)

Testifor: http://www.testifor.com/satishnkota 


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