[LRUG] What do people want to do with their career?

Mark Burns markthedeveloper at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 23:58:05 PDT 2012

It's an interesting mapping problem. The number of decent candidates are
fewer than the number of roles, however the number of applicants is
probably far greater. Historically, job postings have been about we want
x,y,z to do a,b,c.
The x,y,z type postings help with the initial filtering to at least get to
possible decent candidates. However, whilst maybe useful for eliminating
chancers this style of job posting does very little to attract decent

Decent candidates need to know which company to choose and why, to help
with _their_ filtering criteria.
I'm not sure how you convey both levels of information in one post, but if
anyone cracks the formula please post it to this list.

On 22 March 2012 06:47, Anthony Green <anthony.green at bbc.co.uk> wrote:

> I'm continually disappointed by the quality of the recruitment offerings.
> All of which pretty much reduce the posting "to we want a code monkey of
> type Foo with skills x, y and z"
> I always admired Eden and Chris Parson's holistic belief when taking on
> staff. For BBC Future Media, the security of our income model means there's
> occasionally room for individuals who share those same values to try and
> emulate Chris' approach.
> Is it economic uncertainty that means companies don't follow the Eden way
> or just a lack of maturity in our industry?
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