[LRUG] Testing Browser Connections and Timings via Ruby

David Burrows david at designsuperbuild.com
Tue Sep 18 08:51:12 PDT 2012

Hi All,

I've got an app that I regularly need to test/monitor front end page
performance and external (browser side) service connection data, some of
which are iframe embeds. Up until this point I've been doing it by hand
(Chrome Inspector Network panel + HAR exports) thinking at some point I'd
automate. That day has come but I'm having trouble finding an easy way to
do it so I thought I'd ask the LRUG omni-mind.

At the moment I've got a vaguely usable solution that involves the test
setup starting a WEBrick::HTTPProxyServer in a separate thread that writes
request/response data to a logfile - the tests then run via a Selenium
driver set up to use that proxy, wait a bit for everything to finish
loading , then parse the logfile to see if all connections have been made
correctly. Not much usable timing data in that but may just need a bit of

I've had a look at the Web Timing API but this only seems to give me page
load details not page element (.js, .json, .jsonp) times and doesn't really
go into enough detail.

I've also had a look at the Chrome Remote Debugging API but it looks as if
it would be quite a bit of work to get this integrated in testing.

Any ideas or pointers to things I've missed?

David Burrows
079 1234 2125

http://www.designsuperbuild.com/ | @dsgnsprbld
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