[LRUG] How do you recruit/interview for a Dev Ops role?

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I get asked to recruit for dev op’s engineers a fair bit (along with other
skill sets which go along with mid-sized rails teams). Sys admining for
Rails teams is fast becoming a sought after niche which surpasses permanent
senior rails developers in terms of ratio of candidates to jobs. Most
mid-sized teams are in the same situation as you in regards to it being a
Dev-ops role rather than a pure sys admin role (there’s not enough sys admin
work and the employee needs to be able to do development when the admin work
is completed).


You would have to get pretty lucky to find someone ready-made for the role.
The candidates that are, are usually contracting at pretty high day-rates.
What I’ve seen most teams do is train up developers who take a liking to
that side of things (+chef/puppet/etc), or hire sys admins from other
disciplines who have a CS/development background and are interested in
trying their hand a bit a ruby. I think it’s definitely a good career path
to go down and you shouldn’t have too much trouble convincing candidates of
this (most people I approach from the second category haven’t necessarily
thought about moving into this sort of role). The only problem you’ll face
is the lag time for the candidate to get up-to-speed which I guess is what
you’ll need to establish in the interview.



Louis Goff-Beardsley


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Hi all 


We're looking for a Ruby DevOps person to join our team. While candidates
are pretty thin on the ground, we're a little stumped as to how a
developer-heavy tech team would interview for this role.


We're all capable when it comes to doing basic sysadmin stuff, but none of
us a sysadmins, which leaves us with a problem when it comes to doing a
thorough interview for the role.


Does anyone have any experience in this area?


Alternatively, can anyone suggest any good SysAdmin service providers or
consultancies? This may also be something we might consider.


Note: our current SysAdmin works remotely for another company, and he gives
us approx 20hrs/week of time. We don't have enough work for a full time
SysAdmin, hence the DevOps description. It's a great opportunity for the
candidate to learn more about Ruby and Rails.





Ed James

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