[LRUG] [JOB] - 3 Month Ruby on Rails Developer - London

Louis Goff-Beardsley louisror at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 03:54:03 PDT 2013

*cough* square-enix * *cough*

Best, Louis.

[Louis Goff-Beardsley] - [@LouisRoR]
[Working with all UK Rails teams of note. Offering developers the entire
Rails market without bias or hassle] [Ultra-Specialised Independent
Ruby-on-Rails Recruitment]

> Add me on Skype right now: LouisGB1
> Email/Skype/Gtalk/Jabba: LouisRoR at gmail.com
> Mobile:  07449 324 851 | Land Line: 0118X XXX XXX @LouisRoR 
> http://www.linkedin.com/in/louisbeardsley
> IRC: LouisGB - irc.freenode.org #LRUG, #NWRUG, #ruby, #rubyonrails

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