[LRUG] Building gems on OSX 10.9 Mavericks

Aldo Giambelluca aldo at xoen.org
Thu Nov 7 05:09:45 PST 2013

2013/11/7 David Salgado <david at digitalronin.com>:
> I know a lot of people on here use Macs (apologies to those that don't), so
> I thought I'd share something that caused me a lot of grief yesterday, in
> the hope that it saves other people some time.
Hi David,
I didn't have any issue with the mysql2 gem on my new MBP with
Mavericks but I had issues with the libv8 gem.

It's a dependency of therubyracer: Update it to version 0.12 did the
trick. The newer version depends on libv8 3.16, the 3.11 didn't
compile on OS X Mavericks.

I hope it's useful.

All the best

Aldo "xoen" Giambelluca
-.. --- -. .----. - / .--. .- -. .. -.-.

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