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brendan murphy brendan at enthuse.me
Thu Nov 7 06:46:00 PST 2013

Hi All,

enthuse.me is currently looking to hire a new developer to help with our growth.  Our mission is to help everyday non-tech savvy folk to market themselves online, you can see more here - http://www.slideshare.net/enthuseme/enthuseme-presentation

Our platform was built on a combination of Ember.js on top of a rails based api. We have learned the strengths and weaknesses of working with a pre-production ready JS MVC framework and are currently looking for a strong individual to lead the development of the UX using JS.

We will hold our hands up with have some legacy code (who doesn’t! ) but we are in a strong position to manage it and are open to transitioning to other JS based MVC to move us forward (currently have been experimenting with Angular with great success).

We are based in Shoreditch in a quirky office within walking distance of all the best coffee houses, awesome food but far enough from Google campus you don’t get pitched at on your walk to work….

There will be 5 of us including you, plenty of room for you to exercise your expertise within the scope of the product and help us grow from something that works great into something that defines the way people manage their online presence going forward.

What i am looking for

OOP in Javascript and Ruby
Hates Rails, but can work with it ( services, presenters, extraction all the way )
Can voice their issues over a cuppa tea. bonus if you can make good brew.

We are looking for someone to start asap, but we will wait a little for a great candidate if you are currently finishing up else where. Permanent is first chose but we will accept contractors with reasonable rates (we get it’s better for you :P ).

I will be about at LRUG, Ruby Business this coming week for a chat, else please drop me an email and we can discuss the possibility of you joining us.

Best Regards   

Brendan Murphy  ~ Code Fish of the Month June 2013

Recruiters, there is no need to contact us, there is a reason we post to the community and not calling you.

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