[LRUG] [JOB] Looking for work

Elise Huard lrug at elisehuard.be
Wed Sep 11 09:01:59 PDT 2013

Hi all,

we might have met when I lived in London - I gave a couple of
presentations at LRUG - or at conferences.  I'm a senior dev (14
years) with a wide range of experience - I've recently moved to
Berlin, and am now looking for contracts.

What I can do for you:
- training: Ruby, Rails, node.js others on demand
- project in distress: really stuck with something?
- fast prototyping for slightly more difficult cases: hardware
interactions, awkward API (WS-*), C extensions, realtime apps,...
- quality control of your app: if you want to acquire a company (or
acqui-hire), or you want an external view on a team's efforts, we can
do a code quality review with report and recommendations.
- dev work: help you make your project into reality
- make sense of your data: machine learning and data analysis of your
business data.

I work with erlang, clojure, haskell, ruby, js, unix-foo.

As I operate from Berlin any midterm contract would be remote work.  I
have experience managing it (daily skype calls and chats) but can
check in for face time on a regular basis.
I can obviously also come over for any short interventions.
Best Regards,

(I avoid working through agencies or recruiters, direct client
contact much preferred)

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