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Tom Stuart tom at tomstuart.co.uk
Thu Sep 12 01:19:31 PDT 2013

On 11 September 2013 18:01, Elise Huard <lrug at elisehuard.be> wrote:

> Hi all,
> we might have met when I lived in London - I gave a couple of
> presentations at LRUG - or at conferences.  I'm a senior dev (14
> years) with a wide range of experience - I've recently moved to
> Berlin, and am now looking for contracts.

Hello all,

At the risk of embarrassing Elise, I'd just like to add my ringing
endorsement here. We worked together closely at Forward whilst we were both
still in London and I was privileged to benefit from her humility,
inventiveness, pragmatism and sense of humour. There are a few programmers
who have had a profound and lasting impact on my career, and by extension,
my life, and Elise is certainly one of them. You really ought to get in
touch with her.

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