[LRUG] [JOBS] Pact Coffee is looking for 2 mid/snr Developers

Tony To tony at pactcoffee.com
Mon Apr 28 07:38:36 PDT 2014

Hi LRUGers,

Coffee, a product most people love but know precious little about. Because
as the quality of coffee improves so too does the level of intimidation

That's why we're here. At Pact coffee we've taken a product that people
love - and used technology to make really good coffee really easy to get
hold of. We're talking high-end coffee made accessible and fun.

I'm Tony and I head up Product and Technology at Pact Coffee.

I posted here in December last year and a lot has changed since then. Don't
worry - we're still roasting and shipping coffee with our 7 day freshness
guarantee - but the rate at which we're growing means we've had to move
with the times.

Since we started out in February 2013 we've grown by 40% every 4 weeks. So
while growing at this rate we've had to make adjustments every day, simply
to cope with the increased capacity. It's an exciting place to be, and now
we're stepping things up again. We're looking for two developers who aren't
afraid to be challenged.

Our challenges include:


   Scaling operations to three times our current throughput. It's not a new
   problem but, with our projected volumes, it's not a one-size-fits-all
   solution. People, process and hardware are the key ingredients here.

   Same day delivery. Running out of coffee should be a thing of the past;
   every morning should start with a cup of coffee. We need to make that
   happen for our service to be worthwhile.

   Customer engagement. We strive to answer every customer's query within
   moments of them asking. Email, phone and Twitter are some of the channels
   we use to engage with our community. With scale, we have a challenge of
   keeping these engagements relevant and timely.

   We encourage word of mouth through our customers, but for that to work
   we need our customers to love us from the moment they 'meet' us. Our
   Twitter feed tells a great story of the first impression we leave, but it's
   not the complete story. Our goal is to have them love us, from the first
   moment we touch.

The customer before everything.
The users' overall experience is critical to us. It's not just about the
technology and fancy pixels; we talk about how a feature will affect Janice
and Kevin. The user is always in the forefront of our minds, you can check
our twitter feed @pactcoffee to see what that looks like.

How we work...
Ours is a small, agile team, where we all take full ownership of each
feature from idea to finished article. We ship code many times a day. We
understand when we need to take on technical debt and when to pay it back.
We also respect each other enough to give honest feedback.

The perfect person to join our team is...

- Not looking for a normal job. We all pitch in where we can to help one
another, so you'll find yourself talking to customers, testing out new
ideas, packing coffee, delivering coffee and doing lots of other things it
would be impossible to predict.

- Looking for a challenge. We like to push boundaries in everything we do.

- Able to write clean, readable, testable code.

- Experienced with Rails, Ruby, TDD, Javascript, AWS, CI, CD.

- Analytical in decision making but able to come up with experiments to
answer questions.

- Focused on and able to empathise with the customer (bonus points if
you're a Pact subscriber).

If this sounds exciting to you, please get in touch (tony at pactcoffee.com)

You've read this far, so If you've not tried Pact Coffee, it's only fair
that I should credit you with £10 when you sign up. Use the voucher code
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