[LRUG] [JOB] 2 month contracts - opportunity for longer term

Tor Erik Linnerud tel at jklm.no
Mon May 5 14:06:40 PDT 2014

Hello LRUG,

we are looking for brainpower to solve challenging problems at
We have two projects, each suitable for a 2 month contract with the
possibility of extending. You would be working as part of our in-house
team, and depending on experience you may also oversee the projects.

The first project is a young B2B e-commerce Rails app that had a successful
MVP launch and now needs further development. Standard Rails 4 stack.
Experience with SOA and an eye for design and user experience is a big plus.

The other project is a large Rails 4 application with a Solr powered
search. We're working with a search expert and need your help to implement
relevancy tuning, UI refinements and other search related improvements.
Solr experience is a plus, but not a requirement.

For these projects in particular we're looking to have some join us in our
London office. If it looks interesting and you would like to join the
Dev team <http://www.alphasights.com/ruby>, get in touch with me
tor at alphasights.com.

You can see more about the team at http://www.alphasights.com/ruby
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