[LRUG] RSpec 3.0 RC1 has been released

James Adam james at lazyatom.com
Mon May 19 08:54:31 PDT 2014

It might be worth noting that, if you use it, you’ll also probably need to explicitly set the version of `rspec-rails` to `2.99.0.rc1`, as this is not an explicit dependency of `rspec` itself.

— James

On Monday, 19 May 2014 at 10:43, Sam Phippen wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> For those of you that don’t know me: I’m Sam Phippen, I’m a local rubyist and I sometimes help maintain RSpec as a member of the RSpec core team.  
> I thought I’d let everyone know that RSpec 3 RC 1 has been released. If nobody finds any show-stopping bugs in RSpec 3 between now and 2 weeks, we’re
> planning on cutting the RC gem as the actual release! It would be very helpful if you could do the upgrade and see if anything breaks for you.
> To give a very brief overview of the recommended upgrade process, most apps should undergo the following series of changes:
> 1. Ensure your RSpec 2.xx suite is green.
> 2. Upgrade to RSpec 2.99 (see http://rubygems.org/gems/rspec/versions/2.99.0.rc1). The reason for RSpec 2.99s existence is as follows:  
> RSpec 3, being a major version has breaking changes relative to 2.xx. RSpec 2.99 will work with any 2.xx suite, but will issue warnings
> For anything that won’t work on RSpec 3.0
> 3. Get warning free on RSpec 2.99
> 4. Upgrade to RSpec 3.0
> As I said above: it would be very useful if you could upgrade your existing spec suites to run on the RSpec 3.0 release candidate so that we can
> weasel out any bugs over the next two weeks. If you’d like any more in-depth help feel free to:  
> * email the RSpec mailing list
> * hop in to #rspec on irc.freenode.net (http://irc.freenode.net)
> * email me back directly (I might not get to it as my inbox is always buried)
> Thanks in advance for helping us out if you do.
>> Sam Phippen
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