[LRUG] RSpec 3.0 RC1 has been released

Sam Phippen samphippen at googlemail.com
Mon May 19 08:43:29 PDT 2014

Hello Everyone,

For those of you that don’t know me: I’m Sam Phippen, I’m a local rubyist and I sometimes help maintain RSpec as a member of the RSpec core team. 
I thought I’d let everyone know that RSpec 3 RC 1 has been released. If nobody finds any show-stopping bugs in RSpec 3 between now and 2 weeks, we’re
planning on cutting the RC gem as the actual release! It would be very helpful if you could do the upgrade and see if anything breaks for you.

To give a very brief overview of the recommended upgrade process, most apps should undergo the following series of changes:

1. Ensure your RSpec 2.xx suite is green.
2. Upgrade to RSpec 2.99 (see http://rubygems.org/gems/rspec/versions/2.99.0.rc1). The reason for RSpec 2.99s existence is as follows: 
    RSpec 3, being a major version has breaking changes relative to 2.xx. RSpec 2.99 will work with any 2.xx suite, but will issue warnings
    For anything that won’t work on RSpec 3.0
3. Get warning free on RSpec 2.99
4. Upgrade to RSpec 3.0

As I said above: it would be very useful if you could upgrade your existing spec suites to run on the RSpec 3.0 release candidate so that we can
weasel out any bugs over the next two weeks. If you’d like any more in-depth help feel free to: 

* email the RSpec mailing list
* hop in to #rspec on irc.freenode.net
* email me back directly (I might not get to it as my inbox is always buried)

Thanks in advance for helping us out if you do.
Sam Phippen

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