[LRUG] [JOBS] Junior developer at Red56 micro software agency

Tim Diggins tim at red56.co.uk
Thu Jan 8 04:07:39 PST 2015

Hi all -

Red56, a micro software agency are looking for two junior developers (one
soon, another to join a couple of months down the road).

We're looking for people who either have worked outside of software
development and been converted to programming and then had highly relevant
training (ruby, rails, git etc) OR have more general and fundamental CS
knowledge (probably through a CS degree) but still know enough ruby to hit
the ground running.

I'll be at Monday's LRUG/pub or email me off list (feel free to send me
your CV, but don't send me anyone else's, i.e. no agencies please)

all best

Tim Diggins

More details:

I run Red56, we're a micro software agency. We help companies who have
custom software they rely on to maintain and manage their software by
acting as combination of external CTO, product management, dev team (and
ops and support thrown in). Currently 90% of our business comes from 2 long
ongoing contracts with B2B workflow web+mobile apps, though we also create
MVP web apps for startups and corporates.

We focus on ruby+rails led solutions (though do some javascript front-end
engineering, and lighter-weight ruby stuff as well). We use TDD (mostly
rspec), some pair-programming, CI, and tools/services like git, heroku,
AWS... (some or all of which may be familiar to you).

Full job spec at  http://www.red56.co.uk/red56-junior-dev.pdf
Apologies for http://www.red56.co.uk/, it is just my personal info, and has
needed updating for a few years.
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