[LRUG] [JOBS] Ongoing contract or part-time employed position - experienced RoR developer/coder

Adam Abdelnoor ce at inaura.net
Tue Jan 27 02:07:47 PST 2015

Please email me Adam Abdelnoor, ce at inaura.net, if you are interested in
working on an open-ended and ongoing development project using RoR to
provide management and information exchange for a widely distributed
professional team working with children with special needs.

We are looking for a coder to continue development of our existing Ruby on
Rails system and work with us to improve the user experience through
improved visual design.  The system has been through several developer
changes since it went to production 18 months ago.  We are rebuilding the
system from scratch whilst continuing to use the existing system in a
business setting.

We are looking for an experienced coder / developer to join our team,
working on a long-term contract or part-time employed basis.

Our current developer coder has offered to provide an employer reference
(details on request).

Inaura the inclusion charity develops alternatives to school  exclusion,
promoting the alternative sector, managed moves, and  community-based
approaches to inclusion.   In 2012 we recognised our need for a web-based
system for effective multi-agency and organisational collaboration. We
invested a six figure sum in this.

Your job description

·         Manage, monitor, maintain and develop as required our server
system, security, upgrades, patches, and other necessary or advisable
requirements to ensure safe, fast, trouble-free operations.

·         Plan and agree system architecture and design

·         Code new functionality and test

·         Respond to user feedback as required to improve system

·         Liaise with UX and UI personnel as required and apply style and
design specs


·         We use a BDD development format in Pivotal tracker and TDD coding
protocols in SolanoLabs

·         Current developer will provide full support for handover

Obvious question?

Our current developer works 3 dpw for another company and 2 dpw for us.
Sadly for us, the other company has reached an expansion point and wants
him 5 dpw. We congratulate Klaus Hebgaard on the  success of the system he
has built which underpins this opportunity.

All arrangements for this post are by negotiation.

Inaura the inclusion charity is a registered UK charity No. 1092152.

Our turnover 2013-14   was UK £1.22M

 For more information visit our public site www.inaura.net

 Thanks for your interest!

Adam Abdelnoor
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