[LRUG] Backing up Postgres

Andrew Stewart boss at airbladesoftware.com
Thu Jan 29 01:42:46 PST 2015

Hello LRUG!

I'm just starting a small project and thought I'd take the opportunity to use postgres for the first time.  What do people use for backing up postgres?

My current backup policy with mysql is a full dump nightly, copied to S3, and the binlogs copied to S3 every 15min.  I'm aiming for that as a minimum with postgres.

"Mirroring", for want of a better term, to another postgres instance elsewhere for availability would be nice; but first and foremost I want to store backups on S3 so I can, for example, load up the database as it was 3 days ago to recover some data a customer accidentally deleted.

From googling around it seems barman and wal-e are the main choices.  I also looked at the backup gem but it only seems to handle full dumps, not incremental transactions.

Would anyone like to make recommendations?

Many thanks in advance,

Andy Stewart

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