[LRUG] New lead-time for meetings + August CFP for new speakers

Murray Steele murray.steele at lrug.org
Thu Jul 2 14:46:24 PDT 2015

tl;dr: talks for meetings from August onwards to be announced 4-weeks in
advance; spare slot at August reserved for new speaker(s).
Hi all,

Our August meeting (Monday 10th) will be the first in the new Skills Matter
venue CodeNode[1] near Liverpool St station.  Along with the venue change
comes a change to how far in advance we need to organise the meetings.
>From August onwards we’ll be trying to announce them at least 4-weeks in
advance (rather than about a week before like in June!).

When people volunteer a talk they go onto my stack of speakers.  I offer
slots to speak to people at the top of the stack and remove them from the
stack when they accept a slot.  At the moment the stack is about 6 or so
people deep which translates to a 2-3 month wait between offering and

With the change in how far in advance we’ll be announcing stuff I don’t
imagine that there’ll be much difference in the depth of the stack, but
we’ll be shifting forward a month so it could be 3-4 months between
volunteering a talk and giving the talk.

This time-between-offer-and-talk is just an estimate though.  Sometimes
people above you in the stack aren’t able to make a meeting so we get to
your talk sooner.  Sometimes people want to give shorter talks and so we
have more talks per meeting.  Sometimes we run a completely different style
of meeting and bump everyone down a month.

My point being: if you’ve been thinking about giving a talk at LRUG it’s
better to get in touch sooner rather than later.  You’ll have plenty of
time to write your talk and rehearse it with your friends and colleagues
(or with me if you want).

Back to the August meeting which I’m currently arranging the speakers for.
I’ve got one speaker sorted but as I go through the stack looking to fill
the rest of the meeting everyone is deferring until later in the year for
one reason or another.  Rather than exhausting the stack I though it might
be nice to open up the rest of the meeting to new speakers.  Mostly because
there’s an option for a theme to emerge: new venue, new faces (and I love
to shoe-horn a theme onto things if I can).

So if you’ve never spoken at LRUG the August meeting is available and you
can avoid the 3-4 month wait we’ll have for future meetings.  I’ve filled
40 minutes of our 1h20 budget so far which means there’s another 40 minutes
to play with.  That could be one other 40 minute talk or it could be a
three or four shorter talks; I'll work it out when your proposals start
rolling in.

If more of you propose something than we have time for in August you’ll go
on the stack and we can hear from you in future months.

If you have spoken at LRUG consider talking with your friends and
colleagues that haven’t and persuading them to propose a short talk for
us.  Do offer to help them prepare and rehearse too!



[1]: https://skillsmatter.com/locations/264-skills-matter-codenode
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